Conversion optimization tool
that puts your growth on autopilot Landy is an essentially new way to deliver personalized landing pages
to every new visitor. Automatically and Effortlessly.

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Landy collects visitors
traits and behavior

BrowserLocal timeSourceSearch keywordsMore...

Carefully analyzes itAnalyzes it... Landy learns what your visitors like and what they don’t.

And shows the most suitable
landing page to every visitor Analyzing every visitor traits and behavior Landy learns to pick
landing page that most likely convert them.

Maximize your conversion rates Landy doesn't split your audience using just single visitor characteristic. Instead, Landy employs machine learning to reflect your visitors preferences based on all their traits and behavior.

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Questions & Answers

Is it a kind of black magic?

Surely not! Landy applies machine learning algorithms to learn your visitors preferences and pick the most suitable variation for the every newcomer.

Why you're charging per prediction?

The amount of traffic in your campaign defines amount of data we need to store and process. More traffic you have - more computing power and storage we need.

What will happen on October 15?

Everyone will be moved to our free plan. It includes free quota's 10 000 predictions per month.

What is a prediction?

Prediction is an event when Landy picks the most suitable variation of your page. It occurs every time your landing page being visited by a newcomer.

How much time it's required for Landy to start predicting?

It totally depends on amount of traffic you have. And conversions of course. Usually, you need at least 25 conversions per variation to get your first prediction.

What happens when I spent my free quota?

If you're on the free plan, Landy will start to show your original variation. As soon as the billing month is over the quota will be refilled.

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Dear folks, Thanks for all your support. Landy was an awesome journey and teached us a lot. Unfortunately Landy was not succesfull enough to fully support our lives, so we decided to move our efforts to another projects. Landy is now open-source under MIT license, so feel free to use it.

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